ÖKULAND is a driving school that specializes in commercial driving licenses. Ökuland is located in Selfoss.


The theoretical part is online, except for two Saturdays when you have to attend a First Aid course and a Car Technique course in Selfoss. The practical part normally takes place in Selfoss as well.

HERE you can see the process of the commercial driving course, step by step.

We are always working on our website. If you need further  information, please send us an email, okuland@okuland.is

Pricetable 2022

Basic Categories
Taxi - Bfar Price: 201.000 Age limit: 20 years
Lorry - C1 Price: 253.000 Age limit: 18 years
Truck - C Price: 425.000 Age limit: 21 years
Small Bus -D1 Price: 289.000 Age limit: 21 years
Bus - D Price: 465.000 Age limit: 23 years
Trailer - BE Price: 70.000 Age limit: 18 years
Trailer - C1E & D1E Price: 92.000 Age limit: 18 years
Trailer - CE Price: 172.000 Age limit: 21 years
C added to Taxi Price: 342.000 Age limit: 21 years
C added to C1 Price: 263.000 Age limit: 21 years
C added to D Price: 207.000 Age limit: 23 years
D added to Taxi Price: 356.000 Age limit: 23 years
D1 added to Taxi Price: 220.000 Age limit: 21 years
D added to D1 Price: 241.000 Age limit: 23 years
D added to C Price: 263.000 Age limit: 23 years
D1 added to C1 or C Price: 112.000 Age limit: 21 years
Taxi added to C1 or C Price: 103.000 Age limit: 21 years
D & C Price: 664.000 Age limit: 23 years
C & CE Price: 573.000 Age limit: 21 years
C1 & C1E Price: 322.000 Age limit: 18 years
All categories(C, CE & D) Price: 765.000 Age limit: 23 years
Other costs:
Application for driving licence > Go to nearest District Commissioner AgencyMedical Certificate > Go to nearest local health centerCharge for theoretical & practical tests

Course registration

CPC (Code 95) course – WAITING LIST

A waiting list for the CPC courses. Ökuland will contact you when the schedule is ready.

Date: 15. 02. 2023

More Registration
English Commercial Driving License – ONLINE COURSE

The theoretical part is online(except for two days). See details in the schedule.

Date: 28. 11. 2022

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Other Courses

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